(This page is no longer current and has been archived for historical purposes.)

2018 Indiana Ballot Access Campaign

Fellow Greens:

In the 2016 elections, Indiana was 1 of only 6 states nationwide without the Green Party on the ballot. We're actually one of only 4 states that has never been on the ballot for the presidential election, not even in the Ralph Nader days. We need your help to change that.

In 2018, we attempted to petition for 27,000 signatures to grant us a spot on the ballot, but the Election Division Office never counted our signatures. We are pursuing legal action. As it is now, we must write-in on election day.

Our candidate, Dr. George Wolfe, is registered as an official write-in candidate for Secretary of State on election day, November 6, 2018. We are campaigning for a win, but if reach 2% of the vote, this ultimately would grant the Indiana Green Party future ballot access automatically for all major positions across the state.

See also official state documents or contact us with questions.

GPUS released a good guide: A Green's Guide to Getting on the Ballot