Indiana Ballot Access Campaign

Fellow Greens:

In the 2016 elections, Indiana was 1 of only 6 states nationwide without the Green Party on the ballot. We're actually one of only 4 states that has never been on the ballot for the presidential election, not even in the Ralph Nader days. We need your help to change that.

We are currently collecting signatures for the office of Secretary of State. This will ultimately work to grant the Indiana Green Party future ballot access for all major positions across the state. We have a small window to collect the required 26,699 signatures of registered Indiana voters, but if we do this right, future Indiana Green Party candidates will not have to petition for signatures again

★ Here’s Everything You Need to Petition for Signatures ★

Note- the state requires all signatures be on paper. You *can* sign and mail-in the paper form yourself (and encourage your friends/family to do the same). Just print the 2-sided petition form, fill out the front-side as described in the video below, then mail it to your voter registration office listed here.

These signatures must be of registered Indiana voters, and their address on the petition must match the address that they are registered to vote at. You can easily verify all of this info online at:

★ Video - Learn To Petition ★

See also official state documents or contact us with questions.

GPUS released a good guide: A Green's Guide to Getting on the Ballot