How can I help?

Indiana Green Party Ballot Access Resources

Help Indiana in 2020

  1. For now, best to email several government agencies. Would suggest making your own email before doing a form letter. Suggestions on what to add can be found
    1. GPUS =
    2. Indiana Green Party =
  2. Best to address the following people:
    1. Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson = or
    2. Brad King, legal council for the Indiana Election Division = or
    3. Paul Okeson, chair of the Indiana Election Commission =
  3. Best to contact Governor Holcomb as a last resource = Should you do decide on Governor Holcomb, I recommend he call a special session to allow the General Assembly to give ballot access relief.

Help Indiana in 2021 and Beyond

  1. When you contact the above people in the 2020 section, I would recommend contacting your state legislators. To find them, best to go to =
  2. Also, if your community has either a Cracker Barrel or 3rd House Sessions [aka Meet the local General Assembly members’ sessions that occur while the Indiana General Assembly is in session starting January 2021], best to attend those. You can find them at the following locations:
    1. ACLU Indiana =
    2. Hoosier Environmental Council =

Help with GPUS’ Ballot Access Committee [BAC]

  1. Volunteer = - for those that want to do phone banking or other ventures for the Green Party at the national level
  2. Website =
  3. There’s also a few resources on Facebook
    1. BAC page =
    2. BAC organizing group =