Indiana Ballot Access Campaign

Fellow Greens:

In the 2016 elections- Indiana was 1 of only 6 states nationwide without the Green Party on the ballot. We're actually one of only 4 states that has never been on the ballot for the presidential election, not even when Ralph Nader was running. We need your help to change that.

In Spring 2018- We attempted to petition for 27,000 signatures to grant us a spot on the ballot, but the Election Division Office never counted our signatures, so we must continue to write-in on election day. We are pursuing legal action.

In Fall 2018- Our candidate, Dr. George Wolfe, was registered as an official write-in candidate for Secretary of State. We were campaigning for a win, but if we reached at least 2% of the vote, this ultimately would have granted the Indiana Green Party future ballot access automatically for all major positions across the state. The official vote count on from the November 6, 2018 elections showed that the 2% mark was not reached. There are some inconsistencies with the results that we plan to address when pursuing legal action. If you had any issues voting for George or if your vote did not get counted, please let us know.

In Spring/Summer 2019- We are fielding 6 candidates across the state in local city-council elections. We had to petition registered voters within each district for hand-written signatures to be on the ballot in that district. Due to state election laws, our candidates will be listed on the ballot as "Independent" and not "Green". Voting day is Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

2019 Legislative Updates

Senate Bill 571 progressed through the Indiana legislature to address ballot access laws for political parties in Indiana. This bill would have reduced the 2% threshold down to 0.5% for political parties to attain ballot access and be recognized as an official party with the state. It would have also redefined "major" and "minor" parties under a blanket "standard" political party. Former Indiana Green Party candidate, Dr. George Wolfe, testified to the Indiana Senate Elections Committee in support of this bill in January 2019. The bill was defeated in the state Senate on February 14, 2019, by a vote of 16-31. Read more here:

Senate Bill 306 defines and permits Ranked Choice Voting in the state of Indiana. This legislation has not yet been heard.

See also official state documents or contact us with questions.

GPUS released a good guide: A Green's Guide to Getting on the Ballot