INGP Officers and Requirements

The following positions are up for election at the annual Indiana Green Party Congress.

Pending Nominations

Chair: Sue Brown (NWI Green Party)
Co-Chair: Thomas McGrone (CCG), Vicki Rourke (ECI Greens)
Documentarian: Amanda Thornburg (CCG)
Treasurer: Greg Ellcessor (ECI Greens)
Communications Director:
National Delegates:

Contact us to submit additional early nominations.

Officer Positions and Terms

All information below is all copied directly from the Indiana Green Party Bylaws:

Any office holder of the INGP may not hold office in another political party committee or political campaign committee within the Green Party of the United States or any other political party in the United States.

Terms for officers last from the INGP annual Congress at which they are elected to the next annual INGP Congress. No person may serve in one officer position for more than five consecutive years.

All delegates and the leadership shall obey imperative mandates, that is, they must follow the instructions of the bodies they represent. They are free to express their personal views but must state them as such, and they may abstain from implementing, but shall not act against, such mandates if their consciences require. Mandates of discretion may also be given.

All delegates and leadership shall always be immediately recallable by the body that chose them.

It shall be strongly encouraged that the responsibilities of all delegates and the leadership be rotated, on a staggered basis, to find the fullest and broadest participation of the membership.

A. Chair and Assistant Chair

1) It shall be required to have at least one female in this two-person position. If a female coordinator is not available or elected, a member of a minority (i.e.; racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, age, disability) group may serve as coordinator. If a minority member is not available, then any male may serve as an interim coordinator until either a female member or minority group member is available.

2) Coordinators shall be the official spokespeople for the INGP, accountable to the membership and required to obey any imperative mandates or other decisions of the membership.

3) Coordinators shall chair the regular meetings and the Congresses, be responsible for the organization of these meetings, solicit proposals and propose an agenda.

4) Coordinators shall also cosign, with the Treasurer, all required documents.


1) IN Code (Title 3, CH. 5) requires state parties with ballot line access to elect a Chairperson. The CC shall elect the INGP State Committee Chair from among the membership of the CC.

2) The State Chairperson, as an elected representative of the INGP, shall be accountable to the Congress or, on an interim basis, the CC and shall abide by the bylaws of the INGP.

3) The State Party Chair shall be an active member in good standing of the INGP for at least six (6) months.

B. Documentarian

1) The Documentarian shall oversee membership application procedures, maintain membership lists, take minutes of regular business meetings and Congresses, keep and make available to members all non- financial records, and perform general secretarial duties.

C. Treasurer

1) The Treasurer shall have charge of and be responsible for all funds, prepare financial reports for meetings, cosign with the coordinators all required documents, develop and submit budgets, and perform general treasurer duties under oversight of the coordinating committee.

2) The Treasurer shall research and understand legal responsibilities of the position and keep accurate and up-to-date records that may be inspected by government entities or members of the INGP.

3) Within ten days of the INGP becoming a regular political committee, the Treasurer shall obtain and file a completed Statement or Organization form with the State of Indiana Election Division.

4) The Treasurer must understand and complete all reporting requirements within legally specified deadlines as delineated in the Indiana Campaign Finance Manual published by the Indiana Election Division

5) The Treasurer shall report financial activity to the membership and the coordinating committee. 6) The Treasurer may not be the Treasurer of any Political Action Committee.

D. Communications Director

1) The Communications Director shall have control of the INGP social media accounts and shall contribute to the INGP website as necessary.

2) The Communications Director shall compose and send out the INGP electronic newsletter.

3) The Communications Director shall compose and send out press releases and press statements as necessary/requested by the CC.

E. Delegates to the Green Party of the United States National Committee

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