INGP Officers and Requirements

The following positions are up for election at the annual Indiana Green Party Congress. Nominations for these positions are closed.


Some nominees below have submitted short bios and/or have served on the INGP Coordinating Committee. You can read a bit about the nominees and positions here ahead of time, though nominees will be given an opportunity to present themselves during Congress.


  • X. Pluto Brand (Green Party of Northeast Indiana)
    (No bio submitted. Pluto is the current Chair of the INGP. He filled in as Communications Director in 2019 until becoming Chair in Spring 2020. He was also INGP Assistant Chair in 2018-2019.)

Assistant Chair

  • Joe Conn (NWI Green Party)
    (No bio submitted. Joe is the current Treasurer of the INGP. He is also the chairperson of the NWI Green Party)

  • Orleta Holmes (Circle City Greens)
    (No bio submitted)

  • Duncan Mathies (French Lick)
    My name is Duncan Mathies (he/him). I'm 25 years old, born in Jasper, IN and have lived in Indiana all my life. I attended IU Bloomington and graduated in 2017 with a B.A. in Telecommunications. After graduation, I served for one year as the Student Support Specialist for 21st Century Scholars (through AmeriCorps) at IU. For the last two years I've worked in sales at Big Red Liquors. In January, I left my job to work as a a full-time Canvass Operations Specialist for Bernie 2020 in Iowa. I also volunteered for his campaign in Michigan, shortly before he dropped out of the race. Around that time, I ran for County Council At-Large in Dubois County, IN where I received 1,274 votes but did not secure a spot within the local Democratic Party. Up until April 2020, I also served as Chairman of the Dubois County Stonewall Democrats.

    My family has always been politically active, but it wasn't until I listened to Bernie speak in college that I really started to understand the scope and scale of the systemic issues that impact us here in America and others abroad. And it wasn't really until this year that I realized how ineffective it often is, working as a leftist inside the Democratic party for meaningful reform. I joined the Green party because I believe in Medicare for All, a Green New Deal with jobs for all, a living wage above poverty, an end to wars and U.S. imperialism... and it's really exciting to help build up a party that sees those goals and says "Yes! And?"

    As an elected official within the INGP, I will work to identify and amplify our common goals and vision for the state and national Green party. I appreciate your consideration in this race and look forward to participating in the Green Congress!

  • Teri Ulm (Circle City Greens)
    (No bio submitted. Teri is the current Assistant Chair of the INGP. She was also Communications Director for the INGP and George Wolfe's SOS campaign in 2017-2018)


  • Randy Paul (Monroe County Green Party)
    (No bio submitted. Randy is currently INGP Documentarian, Chair of the Monroe County Green Party, and running for local office)


  • David Wetterer (Circle City Greens)
    (No bio submitted. David is currently the Circle City Greens' Delegate to the INGP Coordinating Committee)

Communications Director

  • Byron Holmes (Circle City Greens)
    (No bio submitted)

  • Duncan Mathies (French Lick)
    (See bio above)

  • Cassiday Moriarity (Circle City Greens)
    "Hello! I am Cassiday Moriarity. Something that adds to my qualifications which allows me to stand out amongst other candidates is how I have lived in different parts of the state from Fort Wayne (rural community outside of it) to Bloomington (where I completed my bachelors) and currently Indianapolis. Having been a part of these communities I have been able to excel at working with a diverse group of individuals and take into account the local landscape while doing so. I believe having the ability to adapt and be flexible to the population you are speaking with is of utmost importance for statewide office.

    "Most recently, I worked as the campaign manager for Dominic Thompson’s run for County Council in Monroe County. During this time, I managed the majority of fundraising, social media, and outreach for his campaign. I even did some amateur photography for the campaign. Before that, while attending Indiana University Bloomington, I was the Indiana University Student Government Speaker of the Congress, and was President of Read (a dorm of over 1000 residents). In my free time I manage my own websites on several different niche topics. I manage email lists for each website, and have created newsletters for distribution. To get a look at some of my previous work, is one of my websites for your review. For professional work I completed analytical research for articles on Sub-Saharan Africa for an international nonprofit working to end extreme poverty, The Borgen Project. To see some of my writing,

    "What I would like to achieve while in the position includes:

    • Elevate the reach through the World Wide Web for the Indiana Green Party.
    • Work alongside county/area Green Party affiliates to get more local involvement.
    • Use a social media scheduler for content management
    • Create visual content for the Indiana Green Party such as meme’s, inspirational quotes, and other eye catching content
    • Make recruitment videos for the Indiana Green Party for tabling, or online recruitment, etc.
    • Make the website more functional for new and returning members
    • Create Indiana Green Party merchandise for fundraising at a state and local level
    • Spread the Green’s mission with additional recruitment
    • Increase online engagement on social media (especially with the pandemic)"

National Committee Delegates (2 positions)

  • Sarah Dillon (Vigo County Green Party)
    "Greetings fellow Greens. My name is Sarah Dillon, asking you to vote for me for one of the 2 delegates representing Indiana to the GPUS National Committee. Amongst my qualifications: present NC delegate; am on the GPUS Fundraising Committee; was recently delegation reporter to the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention and Annual National Meeting, held in August; and have been doing extensive outreach with several national party groups and on a first-name basis with the Howie Hawkins-Angela Walker. Please vote for me as GPUS NC delegate. Thanks so much."

  • Cassiday Moriarity (Circle City Greens)
    (See bio above)

  • Jeff Sutter (South Bend)
    "Seeking to continue on the GPUS National Committee as Indiana delegate, as well as on the national Accreditation Committee.

    I wish to continue to represent Indiana at the national level. I offer long experience with national party politics, and an eye for what is likely to be important or of interest to us here (national party listservs can be full of useless argument than are distractions from what is needed in Indiana.)

    A bit about me: I’ve been an environmental activist since I was a kid in Los Angeles. I was active against urban sprawl, in favor of public transit and against Big Oil, and for supporting environmental political candidates.

    I was involved in the original St Joe Valley Greens local on moving to South Bend in 1996; also involved in the 2000 Nader Indiana campaign and the separate but parallel formation of the original Indiana Green party under the umbrella of the “Indiana Green Coordinating Committee” -- and with a Green steelworker from Gary, I attended the 2000 Green Party convention in Denver where we supported Ralph Nader. I put together the original Indiana Green Party accreditation application materials in 2002 for the GPUS, probably the first, and perhaps only, public web application -- it contains a brief history. I was an observer or voting delegate from Indiana on the National Committee from ~2000 until 2013, when we sought inactive status. I’ve been on the Accreditation Committee since at about 2011.

    In the early 1990s I was involved in the Gateway Greens in St Louis, and the Indiana Green Party: I worked on the “Boston Proposal,” and for a while I put the Green magazine Synthesis/Regeneration/Green Social Thought on the web.

    I’m a statistical analyst and survey researcher by trade – with a doctoral training in political science. Right now I work supporting the local abortion clinic and the local women’s domestic violence shelters. My wife is an anthropologist at Indiana University; we have a grown daughter."

Officer Positions and Terms

All information below is copied directly from the Indiana Green Party Bylaws:

Any office holder of the INGP may not hold office in another political party committee or political campaign committee within the Green Party of the United States or any other political party in the United States.

Terms for officers last from the INGP annual Congress at which they are elected to the next annual INGP Congress. No person may serve in one officer position for more than five consecutive years.

All delegates and the leadership shall obey imperative mandates, that is, they must follow the instructions of the bodies they represent. They are free to express their personal views but must state them as such, and they may abstain from implementing, but shall not act against, such mandates if their consciences require. Mandates of discretion may also be given.

All delegates and leadership shall always be immediately recallable by the body that chose them.

It shall be strongly encouraged that the responsibilities of all delegates and the leadership be rotated, on a staggered basis, to find the fullest and broadest participation of the membership.

A. Chair and Assistant Chair

1) It shall be required to have at least one female in this two-person position. If a female coordinator is not available or elected, a member of a minority (i.e.; racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, age, disability) group may serve as coordinator. If a minority member is not available, then any male may serve as an interim coordinator until either a female member or minority group member is available.

2) Coordinators shall be the official spokespeople for the INGP, accountable to the membership and required to obey any imperative mandates or other decisions of the membership.

3) Coordinators shall chair the regular meetings and the Congresses, be responsible for the organization of these meetings, solicit proposals and propose an agenda.

4) Coordinators shall also cosign, with the Treasurer, all required documents.


1) IN Code (Title 3, CH. 5) requires state parties with ballot line access to elect a Chairperson. The CC shall elect the INGP State Committee Chair from among the membership of the CC.

2) The State Chairperson, as an elected representative of the INGP, shall be accountable to the Congress or, on an interim basis, the CC and shall abide by the bylaws of the INGP.

3) The State Party Chair shall be an active member in good standing of the INGP for at least six (6) months.

B. Documentarian

1) The Documentarian shall oversee membership application procedures, maintain membership lists, take minutes of regular business meetings and Congresses, keep and make available to members all non-financial records, and perform general secretarial duties.

C. Treasurer

1) The Treasurer shall have charge of and be responsible for all funds, prepare financial reports for meetings, cosign with the coordinators all required documents, develop and submit budgets, and perform general treasurer duties under oversight of the coordinating committee.

2) The Treasurer shall research and understand legal responsibilities of the position and keep accurate and up-to-date records that may be inspected by government entities or members of the INGP.

3) Within ten days of the INGP becoming a regular political committee, the Treasurer shall obtain and file a completed Statement or Organization form with the State of Indiana Election Division.

4) The Treasurer must understand and complete all reporting requirements within legally specified deadlines as delineated in the Indiana Campaign Finance Manual published by the Indiana Election Division

5) The Treasurer shall report financial activity to the membership and the coordinating committee.

6) The Treasurer may not be the Treasurer of any Political Action Committee.

D. Communications Director

1) The Communications Director shall have control of the INGP social media accounts and shall contribute to the INGP website as necessary.

2) The Communications Director shall compose and send out the INGP electronic newsletter.

3) The Communications Director shall compose and send out press releases and press statements as necessary/requested by the CC.

E. Delegates (2) to the Green Party of the United States National Committee

These two delegates represent the INGP on the GPUS National Committee, vote on national issues on behalf of the INGP, and report to the CC what issues national is discussing and voting on.

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