Proposed Amendments

The following amendments will be discussed at the Indiana Green Party Congress.

According to the the Indiana Green Party Bylaws, any active member in good standing of the INGP shall have the right to speak to Congress regarding any proposal. Proposals must be submitted in writing to the Coordinators at least 45 days prior to the Congress. The Coordinators shall publish proposals on the INGP web site and general electronic mailing lists 30 days prior to Congress. The annual INGP Congress shall have the authority, on a case-by-case basis, to override, by a vote of 75% of voting delegates and voting members in attendance at the Congress, the requirement of advance submission of resolutions for bylaws and platform changes and resolutions for other purposes.

No proposals were published to the INGP web site or mailed out 30 days prior to Congress.

The following items are being submitted for discussion at Congress:

  1. Article II …Feminism “and gender equity” -- Add to be consistent with GPUS ten values

  2. Add “any office holder must be an INGP member in good standing.” to Article IV Section 1. Officers

  3. Article VI Politics Section 11. We should either adhere to this section or amend it.

  4. Edit multiple instances of INGP “Secretary” to INGP Documentarian

  5. Article VI, Section 2, B-2 "… commit to Article 1" to instead read "… commit to Article II”

  6. Edit for clarity Article IX

  7. Edit Article IV, Section 2. Coordinating Committee (CC) heading to read “Coordinating Committee (CC, Board)”

  8. Article IV Section 1, H Update from old INGP website to CRM, social media, other current report methods

  9. Formalize point of membership Article III Section 4. Dues

  10. Extend term for delegates to the National Committee

  11. Codify preparation for prospective candidates

To submit more suggestions, contact us or share your ideas on the INGP forum.

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