Our Candidates

2020 Candidates

The following candidates have been endorsed by the Indiana Green Party for 2020 and are running write-in campaigns:

The following 4 candidates are all planning to run pending a lawsuit against the state. They did not want to be write-in candidates, and there was basically no way we could petition for ballot access when the state was in mandatory lock-down due to COVID. No additional relief was provided to 3rd party or independent candidates even though we regularly reached out to our government officials. IF the lawsuit grants these candidates a spot on the ballot, they all do plan to run:

  • Dr. George Wolfe - Governor of Indiana
  • Ethan Malone - Indiana House of Representatives, District 69 (South-East Indiana)
  • David Wetterer - Indiana House of Representatives, District 89 (South-East Indianapolis)
  • Mike Smith - Indiana House of Representatives, District 97 (South-West Indianapolis)

The deadline to run in Indiana this year was June 30, 2020 (state law). Let us know if you're interested in running in the future or if you'd like to volunteer and help with any of these campaigns.

2019 Candidates

Six INGP Candidates successfully petitioned for ballot access in 2019:

  • Sarah Dillon – Terre Haute City Council, District 2 - RESULTS
  • Joseph Conn  – Hobart City Council, At-Large - RESULTS
  • Susan Brown – Valparaiso City Council, District 1 - RESULTS
  • Michael Cooper – Portage City Council, District 2 - RESULTS
  • Mike Smith – Indianapolis City-County Council, District 16 - RESULTS
  • Monica James – Muncie City Council, District 4 - RESULTS

2018 Candidates


Only two other Green Party candidates have achieved ballot access in Indiana:

  • Beth Hayes – State Representative, 99th District (2010)
  • Jeff Melton – U.S. Representative, 9th District (2002)