David Wetterer - Green Party Candidate for Indiana House of Representatives, District 89

Green Party Candidate for Indiana House of Representatives, District 89

David Wetterer

Hello, my name is David Wetterer, and I am the Green Party candidate for Indiana State Representative, District 89 (map). Along with all of the Green values, I'm especially fighting for a living wage, cannabis reform, and reclaiming our government from corporate ownership.

My experience with the Indianapolis community base and distribution networks would enable me to become a great public servant. Throughout my everyday life, I have become adept in listening to people's wants and needs. As a representative of multiple companies, I have seen and been a part of different business structures, strategies, and policies. When communicating within various work teams, I have become familiar with the similarities and differences of numerous corporate theories and their applications. With all of my prior experiences combined, I feel as though I am the most accurate and true representation of this specific voting district.

The Democratic Party does not care about Progressive ideals, and never will, other than to use as an empty promise to win the Progressive vote.
Both the Republican and Democratic Parties are over-saturated by corporate donors. As a result, they care only about the well being of large corporations (and themselves), and not about the actual working class. No other party, either major or minor, represents the importance to climate change we truly need to have in order to make a significant impact.

I have the education of a white collar executive, with the work history and life story of the average blue collar Hoosier worker. I would push towards progressive ideals, concentrating on those that have the most support from the people at the time. Being heard and represented accurately and fairly is one of the biggest issues with my prospective constituents. With corporate financing of elections, partisan ownership of mainstream media resources, and lack of ranked-choice voting, the entire country's own individual freedoms are at stake. 

In order to appear on this year's ballot, I must collect hundreds of signatures from voters within my district. Due to the COVID-19 provisions affecting door-to-door canvassing and large gatherings of people, I am in need of your assistance in order to be on the ballot to have a legitimate chance of winning. You can quickly check your voter registration and see what House District you're in on the Indiana Voters website.

If you would be so helpful and are a registered voter in House District 89, could you please print and sign my petition at this link, and have as many of your neighbors and friends in the district sign it as well? You can fit up to 10 signatures on each petition sheet, including your own. Then fill out the bottom portion of the form labeled "Petition Carrier Certification", and that's it! (You don't need to complete any part of page 2, but it does need to be printed on the back)

I am willing to make arrangements to come pick up your completed forms or bring you petitions if you can't print them yourself - just let me know when and where to meet up! Or if you prefer, you can mail them to me at: David Wetterer, PO Box 182, Beech Grove, IN, 46107.

Interested in Helping in Other Ways?

We are going to be regularly knocking on doors and campaigning in District 89. If you would be interested in meeting with us or helping with the campaign in any way, you can contact the Indiana Green Party or send me an email directly at dwetterer@greenpartyin.com.

Thank you so much for any assistance you can offer!

We demand public financing of elections, open debates, and more representative voting systems.
The human cost of climate change is too high. We need to get off fossil fuels and on to renewable energy.
Our country's long wars and worldwide military presence are immoral and unsustainable. Our military budget must be cut dramatically.
Falling wages and rising bills are hitting most of us, and the most vulnerable are hit the hardest. We demand a living wage and a real safety net.