Green Party Candidate for Monroe County, County Commissioner, District 2

Randy Paul - Green Party Candidate Monroe County, County Commissioner, District 2

Randy Paul

Note- Randy is running a write-in campaign.

I am running in this race to fight for a better future for my 6 children, and 3 grandchildren. The climate crisis represents a death sentence for our children and grandchildren, and I ask all concerned parents and grandparents to assist me in this campaign.

I am a Green Party candidate because I think voters in Monroe County deserve more of a choice than just the Democratic Party to solve the threat of climate change. I intend to hold both major political parties accountable for legitimate climate change proposals and ideas. It’s not enough to just raise taxes, or promote ideas that are politically popular with the voters. We need to talk about tough sacrifices that won’t be politically popular, to make sure we have shared sacrifice from all in our community. Often times in a crisis government imposes sacrifices on those who can least afford it: Those of lower income, senior citizens and people with disabilities. I will fight for shared sacrifice by all citizens of Monroe County.

I am not running against any person or political party. I am running to raise the level of the debate on climate change. To force my opponents to talk about ideas that are both popular and unpopular with the voters, to talk honestly about the risk for our children and grandchildren if we do nothing about the climate crisis we are facing.

Write-in "Randy Paul" for County Commissioner, District 2:

Community Policing

In see my role as commissioner as one that should provide leadership, clarity and objectivity in the area of law enforcement. I would first focus on the problems of institutional racism with sensitivity training on an annual basis (a century + problem can’t be handled by one or two classes)

I would then focus on best practices, and review if our local Sheriff’s Department has implemented and are following 21st Century policing and other recognized standards being implemented nation-wide.

I would always hope to provide the leadership necessary to help the community talk through the issues that are still unresolved. My time and focus would be spent meeting and talking to those in our community who have lost faith in our local law enforcement. Trust has to be earned, and I will do all I can to see that people have reasons to trust our local law enforcement officials.


The city introduced an affordable housing study in July that I would encourage people to read. The study brings out many thoughtful actions in the short term, but in reality, just the same old tools we have had in our tool box for decades. COVID-19 forces us to look at old problems differently, view our community differently. We have for decades claimed the same excuses, usually that the State or National government(s) prevent us from taking actions on local problems. We need to stop finger pointing at the State, and fight back. We need to build coalitions with other local governments around the State to make needed changes in the law. If we start fighting climate change now, by implementing new GREEN policies, we will find that it will not only help prevent our next crisis, but help us solve many of the problems we have been fighting for decades.


First, I want to congratulate our health Department for their work in keeping us safe during this Pandemic, and I would continue to support them and the work they do.

We have a rare opportunity for our community to focus on three primary goals: (1) Racial equality, (2) Climate change and (3) Economic opportunity for all our citizens. To be successful we have to view all three objectives not as a single problem, but interrelated goals. We need to evaluate how we do government, and view everything we do through the lens of these three objectives. The time to fight climate change is NOW, by implementing GREEN programs and procedures to protect our environment, and recruit GREEN jobs to return economic vitality to our rural areas. The only acceptable death during this Pandemic is the death of old ideas.

Climate Change

I am the Green Party candidate for County Commissioner, and climate change is the primary reason I am running this year. Our county government has done a great job of talking about climate change, but done very little. The city is well ahead of the county both in research and planning, they just won’t put the needed money in play to implement their ideas. We need a cooperative city-county effort to start implementing relevant portions of the GREEN NEW DEAL. In Monroe County we start by funding transportation properly to reduce the need for cars. Climate Justice will only occur if we have strong leadership in place that will speak honestly about climate change, that it will require real sacrifice from ALL of us, and if we don’t sacrifice, there will not be a planet left to support our children and grandchildren. Grandparents should unite and fight for their grandkids!


We are a community suffering from a crisis in confidence and trust in our elected officials and local government. We are a community divided by race, income and equal opportunity. The recent actions by our County Commissioners asking for a 70% pay increase only adds to that mistrust. As in most cases, a crisis will reveal your weaknesses, and I am committed to review all policies and procedures that will break down the walls of division we currently face. For example, if elected, I will not accept the giant pay increase the current commissioners are asking for this year, I will gladly work at the current part time salary. I also pledge to serve only one term if elected. While these positions are small when compared to the total size of county government, I hope it shows my commitment to be a different kind of county commissioner.


My top priorities:

The Green New Deal as a blueprint for future planning decisions.
Diversify our government with people of color.
A living wage for county employees
Full compliance with the American with Disabilities Act.
As a person with a disability, and in a wheelchair for 20 years, I know what it feels like to be left behind by our government. I have advocated for ADA Accessibility for over 15 years, and our commissioners still fail to act. We are now 27 years out of ADA compliance. From experience, I can be an effective voice for others who have also been forgotten by our government. I think the racial divisions in our community alone will be the greatest threat to our future success and prosperity. If given a chance I think the Green Party can move us forward in those areas that currently divide us.


Bio Information

Name: Randy G. Paul
DOB: 3/5/57
Occupation: Retired
Experience: Currently Co-chair of the Monroe County Green Party, and Documentarian (Secretary) of the Indiana Green Party. I have been a lifelong advocate on a variety of social issues by holding leadership positions with the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Trustee @Monroe County Library, and CASA.

Campaign Information

Brandon Drake, Chair
Phone: 812-219-6965
Facebook: Randy G. Paul
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The human cost of climate change is too high. We need to get off fossil fuels and on to renewable energy.
Our country's long wars and worldwide military presence are immoral and unsustainable. Our military budget must be cut dramatically.
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