Jeff Sutter

National Committee Delegate Alternate to the GPUS

Jeff Sutter, Candidate for National Committee Delegate for the GPUS

Jeff Sutter -- a brief political resume: 


I grew up in Los Angeles, and was electrified by Earth Day 1970 when I was a school kid. 

Moved to San Francisco in 1976.

Sierra Club Legislative committee -- San Francisco

Campaigned to “Tax Big Oil” (California ballot initiative); to make city council elections by district; for local rent control after Prop. 13. 

MUNI Coalition -- San Francisco - principal in public transit riders’ group fighting for low fares and better service.

Arrested in Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory blockade (Livermore Action Group, 1983). Participated in Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant protests (Abalone Alliance, 1981).

Paramount Flag Co., San Francisco  

The Rainbow flag - 1979

Rainbow Flag, Design by Jeff Sutter

"Time went on and the flags were selling well enough to proceed to a production model, so one afternoon at five p.m. I took the samples of the flags into the office and spread them out. In attendance were myself, Ferrigan, Jeff Sutter, Production Manager, and Ken Hughes, Partner and General Manager.

The flag made of six rectangles did not sell well. The vertical stripes did not do well either, but the horizontal stripes were a hit.

Then Jeff Sutter reached over to the calculator and figured out that a six striped flag would be 16% less expensive on labor than a seven stripe. Jim and Ken chimed in that the public wouldn't know the difference. So the six stripe flag became the production model. Design credit to Jeff Sutter."

Source: NAVA News, Vol XXX, No. 3

St. Louis, Mo.

Moved there in 1984 to attend graduate school in political science at Washington University.

Synthesis/Regeneration: a magazine of Green Social Thought (1991-2012) 

Eco-socialist from the start - co-author of A 15th Principle: Self-Management of Work

Co-Founder of the Green Party of the United States - Boston Agreement (2000) 

  • The Negotiating Committees of the Association of State Green Parties and the Greens/Green Party USA, meeting on October 1-2, 2000, have agreed unanimously to recommend to their respective organizations the following proposal for the creation of a new national Green Party, to be called "Green Party of the United States," and a National Committee of the Green Party, which will apply to the Federal Election Commission for official recognition as a national political party. - Jeff Sutter, et al.

RAVEN (Rape And Violence End Now) -- St. Louis

Volunteer in pro-feminist men’s collective running a batterer’s intervention project.

Intensive study of feminism; helped run batterers groups. 

Work with feminist activist Nikki Craft (Andrea Dworkin online library, pedophiles)

Gateway Green Alliance/Green Party of St. Louis 

Greens/Green Party USA (Congresses at Elkins 1991, Minneapolis 1992, Carbondale 2001) 

Green Party US conventions at Denver 2000, Milwaukee 2004


Moved here when my partner got a job teaching at IUSB.

Founding member of the Indiana Green Party

St Joe Valley Greens (South Bend) member, 1996~2006 

Active with Near Northwest Neighborhood Assn. -- South Bend 

Founding member of the Purple Porch co-op.

Volunteer patient escort at Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic -- South Bend 

Currently work at the northwest Indiana domestic violence shelter.

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Comment regarding gender identity politics

It has come to my attention that misunderstandings related to gender identity politics are being deployed against my position as a National Committee representative. I must say that it is unfortunate that the ugly tactics I have seen used on the NC and the Accreditation Committee (as well as some other states) have come to Indiana. 

Greens are all united by our support for trans folk to be able to do and be the way they want & not to be mistreated for their gender non-conformity or self-presentation. Indeed, all people should be free to dress and express themselves as they wish without discrimination, stigma, or violence. Members of the Georgia party believe this just as other Greens do. The disagreement that led to the LC’s complaint has nothing to do with actual bigotry or prejudice on the part of Georgia. The Accreditation Committee nowhere provides any evidence that Georgia  "exhibit[s] bigoted, anti-transgender positions that violate the Key Value of Social Justice and Equal Opportunity."  

We want to get to where we can fight for a society where both women’s rights and trans rights are respected. Where there is a conflict then it has to be discussed and debated. Some single-minded trans activists don’t understand that feminist women, lesbians and gay men have raised real issues regarding the post-modern ideology of "sex denialism" as a harm, and their extreme claims as misogyny and erasure. The Georgia Green Party endorsed the Declaration on Women's Sex-based Rights 

I have believed that the Accreditation Committee needed to 

  1. determine the legitimacy of Georgia’s position, that is (whether one agrees with it or not), i.e. is it allowed or permissible for a Green party to take this position?; 
  2. have an open dialogue on the issue; 
  3. resolve the complaint according to the evidence (which in my view would be to decide against disaccreditation of the Green Party of Georgia). 

It should be noted here that the NC will soon (most likely) vote to disaccredit Georgia. 

With respect to the first goal, it has become clear to me that the positions the Georgia party has taken are legitimate from a Green point of view. Before I started reading further about this issue, I would have signed right on to the grievance, with "of course that’s right!" But no more. A closer look reveals a reality that’s psychologically, medically, and politically more complex. 

Grace is a woman in South Bend whom I've known since she was a small child. She spoke at length on the 60 Minutes story about her decision to detransition and criticized her trans "affirmative" medical care 

I take this quite seriously. My responsibilities are to the Key Value of Feminism, the basic rights of all people, the diversity of views in the party, and the complexity of the issues underlying issue. Nor am I new to this. Feminism and gay and lesbian life and politics have been core to my political concerns since I moved to San Francisco and quickly found myself in the gay community. My roommates, co-workers, boss, most of my friends were gay men. I became quite familiar with their varied enactments of gendered stereotypes; this was liberty (both men & women can live as we want with the interests and self-presentation we like) and feminism supported the critique of imposed gender roles. (Now, instead of freedom from roles, we choose our stereotypes, as Grace was "affirmed" in choosing hers, until she figured out what a bad idea that was.) I briefly dated a trans person. I even got involved in the design of the rainbow flag! Two good friends of mine died of AIDS. Later I worked with feminist activist Nikki Craft, and also became deeply involved challenging men's violence against women (work which continues to this day). 

I very much support our party having a real discussion of the issues; it's worth the effort. Though, I must say, I think that climate and inequality are more critical practical problems for Indiana and provide us better position in public and political appeal and growth looking ahead. Not to mention opportunities to advocate radical social change. Hence this specific issue is not a basis for making leadership choices even if a naive leftism argues otherwise.   

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