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Mike Smith - 2019 Candidate, Indianapolis City-County Council, District 16

Shortlink: greenpartyin.com/smith-for-16

Mike Smith is the 2019 Green Party Candidate for City-County Council, District 16, in Indianapolis/Marion County.

It's Time for a Political Renaissance

Hi, I'm Mike Smith, US Army Veteran, volunteer chaplain, and your candidate for the Green Party in District 16 for City Council. I'm a member of my neighborhood Land Use Committee, neighborhood Congress Working Class Task Force, and also the Working Class Land Use Committee.

On the Working Class Task Force, I've seen struggles of the working class, how the working class are walked on. I've seen the forces of gentrification, how it's about profit over people.

Unfettered gentrification will not only displace, it will decimate the working class that built this area up into the wonder place that it is today.

It's time to remind the government who they work for. Government was made for man, not man for government.

It's time to stand up and fight for our schools. The tragedy of Unigov was that it left behind the school system, creating an IPS destined to fail. And this was done for two reasons: racism and classism. It's time to right the wrongs of the past.

I've been here over 12 years. I can promise you one thing- the powers that be, can't bully me.

It's time for a political renaissance, because the status quo has failed us time and time again.

- Mike Smith
"Smith for 16"

All Green Party candidates support the Ten Key Values.

Candidate Q & A

Q: If elected, what would your top 3 priorities be? What experiences, education, or personal characteristics will help you succeed in tackling these priorities?

A: I am in this to fight for the working class, against special interests, and to remind the government who it works for. I want to build true, viable, organic communities of communities. I am a US Army veteran, a member of the Neighborhood & SE Congress Land Use Task Forces, and also a proud member of the SE Working Class Task Force.

Q: Many local policy and funding strategies require authorization by the Indiana General Assembly. How do you intend to work with state legislators to ensure that Indianapolis-Marion County has the authority needed to act in its own best interest?

A: We need to build bridges and end the partisan divide and keep politics free from special interests. We have a government run by corporations - that must end.

Q: Fair representation that doesn’t distort or undermine representative democracy through gerrymandering – drawing voting districts to favor a political party – is a top priority for the League of Women Voters. Do you support amending the current process (under which elected officials draw the districts) to create an independent redistricting process that prioritizes citizen input, transparency, and accountability? Why or why not?

A: Gerrymandering should be illegal - I'm against it! Yes amend it, end it, it is undemocratic.

Q: It is well-established that neighborhood and community-level factors such as stable housing, educational opportunity, and access to living-wage jobs, quality food, and transportation options serve as deterrents to crime and violence and positively influence overall health and well-being. How do you intend to address these ‘upstream’ conditions to improve quality of life for Indianapolis-Marion County residents?

A: We need to build a trickle up economy, fund our neighborhoods and more community programs, stop giving out corporate welfare, and invest in the people instead.

Q: What is your plan to provide financial resources that meet the needs of the residents of Indianapolis-Marion County, our public spaces, and shared community assets? Does that plan include new revenue (e.g., taxes, bonds), a reprioritization of existing revenue, a reduction in expenses (e.g., budget cuts), or other means?

A:  Deliver to the people what we have already paid for: good schools, roads, and public transportation. I think we should look at a commuter tax. Why do Marion County residents pay for all the roads being used by suburbanites?

Q: Indianapolis will celebrate its bicentennial in 2020. What are the top three environmental strategies you will pursue to ensure our long-term sustainability and resiliency over the next 100 years?

A: I will asses all development with green lenses, meaning all projects will have to pass an environmental assessment before I can vote for it. We need to continue to push alternative energy policy including incentives to go green. We must address the air quality, we need real recycling programs, and we must end single use plastics with the goal of replacing all plastic with locally grown hemp products.

Q: Is there any other information you’d like to share?

A: I take no corporate money. I'm not controlled by special interests. My campaign is grassroots. This is the beginning of a political renaissance.

Grassroots At The Core

If you saw the Indy Star late October, you saw Mike's campaign finances compared to his Democrat and Republican contenders.

Democrat - $75,000
Republican - $43,000
Mike Smith, Green - $120

Do you want a representative of the corporate class or of the working class? Who do you think has your best interest?


  • Because government was made for man, not man for government. We need to remind the government who they serve: US, NOT special interests. COMMUNITY FIRST! PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT!

  • US Army Veteran, ready to serve again by serving YOU

  • The Circle City Greens take ZERO corporate money. You will not see Mike Smith signs everywhere because our allegiance is to you and NOT special interests.

  • THE POWERS THAT BE CAN’T BULLY ME! I’ll fight for the working class!

  • I’ll fight gentrification and fight for the working PEOPLE

  • I’ll fight for expanding food pantry access to help FIGHT POVERTY

  • I’ll fight to make all city animal shelters KILL FREE

  • Where’s the money going?? The Republicans and Democrats keep delivering us the same broken products, just look at the potholes and IndyGo!

  • DON’T reward bad behavior by electing Democrats and Republicans

  • I’ll fight to END SEGREGATION; right the wrongs of the past by FIGHTING for a united Marion County school system. UNITED SCHOOLS FOR UNITED PEOPLES!

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Sept. 11, 2019 - Old Southside Neighborhood Association

Sept. 7, 2019 - Muslim Center with Future Community Leaders

May 7, 2019 - Petitioning at the Democrat and Republican Primaries

April 30, 2019 - Bethany Community Gardens

April 20, 2019 - Indianapolis Earth Day Festival

April 17, 2019 - Fountain Square Clay Center

April 10, 2019 - Sacred Heart on South Meridian