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Monica James - 2019 Candidate, Muncie City Council, District 4

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Monica James - Muncie City Council - District 4 - Green Party

I’m a Wife, Mother of 3 and Grandmother of 2. 
I have lived in Muncie as an adult since 1996. 
In my earlier years I attended elementary and high school in Muncie. I have volunteered over 16 years in Muncie Community Schools. 
I served as a Parent Advisory for Muncie Community Schools. 
I have dedicated my life to serving the Greater Good of Muncie Residents. 
I have done community outreach for the past 10 years and hosted the Unity In The Community Walk the past 4 years and this fall will be 5 years. 
I love family time and getting to know people. 
I’m always available to anyone who needs to talk or help. 
I believe people's word is their bond and as Civil Servants, it is our responsibility to bring that back to government. We must restore people's faith back into their votes. 

- Monica James 

Watch Monica's announcement video here.

Here's what you can expect from Monica James as an elected member of the city council.

  • She will Vote to Invest Tif funds into the community that needs them the most.
  • She believes in transparency - She will Meet with district #4 on a regular basis and listen to the community she represents.
  • She will work on balancing the Muncie Budget before the State takes over the city, which could be next.
  • She will fight for Voting Rights - It’s important not to disenfranchise our voters.
  • She will work on ways to get the city and county to come together and fix our sewage system and our streets.
  • She will find ways to create affordable housing and get jobs into our community that pay better wages.
  • She doesn't believe politicians should make a career off the backs of taxpayers.

All Green Party candidates support the Ten Key Values.


Sept. 26, 2019 - Monica on IPR Morning Edition