(This page is no longer current and has been archived for historical purposes.)

Sarah Dillon - 2019 Candidate, Terre Haute City Council District 2

Shortlink: greenpartyin.com/dillon-for-2

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Website: https://dillon2thcc.wordpress.com/
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dillonvcgp/
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Citizens First!!

  • Wants to host town hall meetings monthly in the 2nd district, to discuss ordinances and resolutions coming to the city council; and other issues relevant to the citizens
  • Promote more in community engagement
  • Transparent, but not micromanage

True “Green” Values:

  • Basing most of her platform on the Green Party, their 10 Key Values, and their Green New Deal
  • Example: She's planning on raising no more than $1000 for this election and accepts no corporate donations

Fiscal Responsibility: 

She's tired of austerity in local, state, and federal levels. Some of the issues she'd push for locally are:

  • A living wage for Terre Haute
  • A moratorium on so-called “corporate welfare” [tax abatements, TIF districts, etc], and using that revenue to invest in infrastructure or quality of life enhancements

Make city government work for everyone!!

All Green Party candidates support the Ten Key Values.
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